New Holland & Case IH Auxiliary Remote Valve Error Codes

Hydraulic systems are the muscle behind a tractor’s functionality, and New Holland and Case IH tractors are renowned for their robust hydraulic setups. However, just like any complex machinery, they occasionally encounter issues. These systems are responsible for tasks ranging from lifting heavy loads to steering with precision, and much more.

When something goes amiss, understanding the language of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) for Auxiliary Remote Valves becomes indispensable for a tractor mechanic. This is where DTCs come into play, acting as the tractor’s way of communicating its hydraulic health and any concerns it might have.

What Are DTC Codes?

Diagnostic Trouble Codes are alphanumeric codes that serve as a secret language between tractors and skilled mechanics. They are the key to understanding what might be ailing a hydraulic system, allowing for efficient diagnosis and swift resolution of issues.

New Holland Auxiliary Remote Valve Error Codes

Our comprehensive list of New Holland and Case IH Tractor Auxiliary Remote Valve Error Codes (DTCs) is your go-to resource for decoding these messages. Think of it as your decoder ring, unlocking the secrets hidden within the tractor’s hydraulic systems.

New Holland & Case IH Auxiliary Remote Valve Error Codes

Here is the table with the error code number and the corresponding auxiliary remote valve error description:

Error Code Number ARM Error Description
ARM 19 Faulty manual throttle potentiometer
ARM 29 Auxiliary 1st Remote Valve LEVER Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 39 Auxiliary 2nd Remote Valve LEVER Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 49 Auxiliary 3rd Remote Valve LEVER Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 59 LEVER potentiometer malfunction of the 4th remote control auxiliary valve
ARM 69 HITCH POSITION command potentiometer failure
ARM 79 Faulty HITCH LOAD command potentiometer.
ARM 89 Auxiliary 1st Remote Valve FLOW Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 99 Auxiliary 2nd Remote Valve FLOW Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 109 Auxiliary 3rd Remote Valve FLOW Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 119 Auxiliary 4th Remote Valve FLOW Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 129 Auxiliary 5th Remote Valve FLOW Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 139 Auxiliary Remote Valve TIMER Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 149 Hitch HIGH LIMIT Potentiometer Malfunction
ARM 159 Hitch DROP RATE potentiometer defective
ARM 169 Hitch travel potentiometer defective
ARM 1029 Auxiliary 5th valve remote control switch defective
ARM 1039 PTO switch is defective
ARM 1049 Hitch UP/DOWN switch is defective
ARM 1059 SLIP switch is defective
ARM 1069 MFD switch is defective
ARM 1079 DIFF LOCK switch is defective
ARM 1089 UP/DOWN programmable switch failure.
ARM 1099 Auxiliary remote valve LIMIT SET switch defective
ARM 1109 Hand Throttle FAULT CHECK Switch Faulty
ARM 1119 Faulty RECORD/PLAY switch
ARM 1129 Invalid Configuration – Faulty Implement Depth Control Switch
ARM 1139 Engine brake switch defective
ARM 1149 Auto Field/Transport Switch is in an illogical state
ARM 8011 Battery voltage too low
ARM 9011 Controller Memory Error – Hitch Position Command Calibration Lost
ARM 9012 Controller Memory Error – Auxiliary Remote Arm Calibrations Lost
ARM 9013 Controller Memory Error – Throttle Calibrations Lost
ARM 9014 Controller Memory Error – MFD Switch Configuration Lost
ARM 9015 Controller Memory Error – Trans Switch Configuration Lost
ARM 9021 Hitch Position Command Potentiometer Calibration Results Not Acceptable
ARM 9031 Hand Throttle Potentiometer Calibration Results Not Acceptable
ARM 9041 Hitch DROP RATE potentiometer calibration values out of range
ARM 10091 Armrest controller failure – 5V regulator failure
ARM 12013 Lost communication with data bus and ALL other controllers
ARM 12081 Performance Monitor Display Lost/Unavailable – RECORD/PLAY disabled.

Being a tractor mechanic isn’t just about fixing machines; it’s about ensuring that the backbone of agriculture remains strong. With knowledge of Auxiliary Remote Valve DTCs, you hold the power to keep these vital machines running smoothly. Your expertise minimizes downtime for farmers, ensuring that fields stay productive and crops flourish.

Whether you’re a seasoned tractor mechanic or just starting in the field, our guide to Auxiliary Remote Valve DTCs for New Holland and Case IH tractors is your map to success. It’s a journey into the heart of hydraulic systems, where every code tells a story, and every repair ensures that agriculture keeps thriving.

Can I Clear Auxiliary Remote Valve Error Codes Myself?

Clearing error codes related to auxiliary remote valves on Case IH and New Holland tractors should be approached with caution. Error codes are crucial indicators of potential issues within the tractor’s systems, and clearing them without addressing the root cause may lead to persistent problems.

Here are some considerations before attempting to clear auxiliary remote valve error codes:

  1. Refer to the Manual: Consult the tractor’s service manual for information about auxiliary remote valve error codes, their meanings, and any recommended troubleshooting steps. The manual will provide specific guidance related to your tractor model.
  2. Address Underlying Issues: Before attempting to clear error codes, identify and address any underlying issues causing the codes. Clearing codes without resolving the problem may lead to ongoing malfunctions.
  3. Use Diagnostic Tools: Some tractors may require specialized diagnostic tools to clear error codes. If you have access to such tools, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for code clearing procedures.
  4. Disconnect Battery: Disconnecting the tractor’s battery for a short period may reset the electronic control systems and clear error codes. However, this method may not work for all models, and it’s essential to check the manual.
  5. Seek Professional Assistance: If you are unsure about how to clear auxiliary remote valve error codes or if you are unable to resolve the underlying issue, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a certified Case IH or New Holland mechanic or an authorized service center. They have the expertise to diagnose and address problems properly.

Clearing error codes without addressing the root cause may lead to ongoing issues. If you’re not comfortable or familiar with the diagnostic procedures, it’s best to involve professionals who can ensure proper troubleshooting and resolution. Always prioritize safety and follow manufacturer guidelines when working on your tractor.

DTC Fault Code Lists of New Holland & Case IH Tractors:

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