New Holland Dashboard Symbols, Indicators, Warning Lights & Gauges Meaning

New Holland dashboard symbols, indicators, warning lights and gauges provide crucial information to operators about the tractor’s status and potential issues. These symbols and lights are designed to alert operators to various conditions, allowing them to take appropriate actions to ensure safe and efficient operation. Whether it’s indicating low fuel levels, activating four-wheel drive, or warning of engine malfunctions, understanding these dashboard symbols is essential for operating New Holland tractors effectively and safely.

New Holland Tractor Instrument Cluster

The New Holland instrument cluster introduces several new features and enhancements designed to improve functionality, performance, and user experience. The dashboard is equipped with enhanced diagnostic capabilities, allowing for quick and accurate troubleshooting of potential issues or malfunctions. This helps minimize downtime and optimize productivity by swiftly identifying and resolving problems. The dashboard shows error codes to alert the operator about any issues or faults in the tractor’s systems, allowing for timely troubleshooting and maintenance. Operators have the option to customize certain settings and preferences within the instrument cluster, allowing for personalized user experiences tailored to specific needs or preferences.

New Holland Tractor Dash Symbols, Indicators & Lights

Modern instrument panels might feature the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, engine coolant temperature gauge, and fuel gauge, alongside turn signals, gearshift position indicator, seat belt warning light, parking brake warning light, and engine malfunction indicators. New Holland T6010 tractor gauges, indicators and warning lights meaning:

New Holland Tractor Dash Symbols

  1. Work Light – Illuminates when work lights are activated.
  2. Fast Steer – Illuminates when the fast steer function is activated.
  3. Differential Lock – Illuminates when the differential lock is engaged.
  4. Four-wheel Drive – Illuminates when the drive to the front wheels is engaged.
  5. Trailer Turn Signal (Second Trailer) – Flashes with tractor/trailer turn signals when a second trailer is attached.
  6. Trailer Turn Signal (Single Trailer) – Flashes with tractor/trailer turn signals when a trailer is attached.
  7. Parking Lights – Illuminates when the tractor lights are switched on.
  8. Headlight High Beam – Illuminates when the tractor lights are switched to high beam.
  9. Red Stop Light – Indicates a critical issue. Stop the tractor immediately and investigate the cause.
  10. Engine Power Boost Activated – Indicates activation of the power boost function, accompanied by a symbol in the Display.
  11. Amber Warning Light – Indicates a warning, accompanied by a symbol in the Display. Stop the tractor and investigate the cause.
  12. Direct Drive Indicator (Dual Command Transmission) – Illuminates to indicate the transmission is in direct drive mode.
  13. Parking Brake – Flashes with key-start switch on and parking brake applied. A warning buzzer will sound if the handbrake is not applied when the key-start switch is turned off or if the operator leaves the seat without applying the handbrake.
  14. Trailer Brake Pressure (Italy Only) – Illuminates to indicate low hydraulic oil pressure to the trailer brake circuit. Stop the tractor and investigate the cause.
  15. Brake Pedals Not Latched (Japan Only) – Illuminates to show when pedal latch is unlocked.
  16. Engine Oil Pressure Low – Indicates low engine oil pressure. Stop the engine and investigate the cause.
  17. Creeper Gears – Illuminates when creeper gears are engaged.
  18. Auto PTO – Illuminates when the Auto PTO is enabled. Flashes when the implement is raised and becomes steady when the implement is lowered into work.
  19. Fuel Level Low – Illuminates when the tractor requires refueling.
  20. Right Turn Indicator – Flashes with tractor right-hand turn signal. Sounds intermittent alarm if indicator is not cancelled.
  21. Engine Speed Management – Illuminates when Engine Speed Management is activated.
  22. Left Turn Indicator – Flashes with tractor left-hand turn signal. Sounds intermittent alarm if indicator is not cancelled.
  23. Engine Exhaust Brake – Illuminates when the exhaust brake system is activated.
  24. Cold Start Device – Illuminates when the grid heater is activated using the key-start switch.
  25. Alternator – Illuminates continuously to indicate the alternator is not charging the battery.

All New Holland Dashboard Symbols

Understanding the symbols on your CNH tractor’s digital instrument panel is crucial for proper operation and maintenance. Here’s a list of common New Holland tractor dashboard symbols along with their meanings:

New Holland Dash Symbols and Warning Lights

These symbols may vary slightly depending on the specific model of the New Holland tractor, so it’s always advisable to refer to the tractor’s operator manual for precise details.

General Dashboard Symbols

Symbol Symbol Name Dash Symbol Description
Dashboard Safety Alert Symbol Safety Alert Symbol Indicates a safety alert or warning
Dashboard Master System Warning Symbol Master System Warning Alerts about a critical issue with the tractor’s master system
Dashboard Stop Symbol Stop Indicates a serious tractor malfunction that requires immediate attention. When this red light flashes, it is crucial to shut down the engine immediately to prevent further damage. The STOP light serves as a critical indicator of a significant issue that needs to be addressed promptly to ensure the tractor’s safe operation.
Dashboard Fast Symbol Fast Indicates a high-speed setting or mode
Dashboard Slow Symbol Slow Indicates a low-speed setting or mode
Dashboard Creep Symbol Creep Indicates engagement of the tractor’s super creep gear, which provides exceptionally slow speeds for specific applications.
Dashboard Ground Speed Symbol Ground Speed Indicates that the tractor is moving at a speed exceeding 25 mph
Dashboard Limp Home Symbol Limp Home Activates a reduced power mode for emergency situations
Dashboard Cruise Control Symbol Cruise Control Maintains a constant speed set by the operator
Dashboard Lock Symbol Lock Indicates that a function or system is locked or engaged
Dashboard Unlock Symbol Unlock Indicates that a function or system is unlocked
Dashboard Escape Symbol Escape Allows exiting a menu or mode
Dashboard On Symbol ON (Engaged) Indicates that a system or function is active or engaged
Dashboard Off Symbol OFF (Disengaged) Indicates that a system or function is inactive or disengaged
Dashboard Transmission Neutral Symbol Transmission Neutral This light signifies that the transmission is in a neutral position, meaning the tractor is not engaged in any forward or reverse movement.
Dashboard Warning! Corrosive Substance Symbol Warning! Corrosive Substance Indicates the presence of a corrosive substance. Use caution when handling.
Dashboard Pressurised Open Carefully Symbol Pressurised Open Carefully Warns to open a pressurized component carefully to avoid injury.
Dashboard Service Symbol Service Indicates that the tractor requires servicing or maintenance
Dashboard Malfunction! See Operator Manual Symbol Malfunction! See Operator’s Manual
Dashboard Read Operator's Manual Symbol Malfunction (Alternative) Indicates the need to consult the operator’s manual for information
Symbol Symbol Name Dash Symbol Description
Dashboard Fuel Level Symbol Fuel Level Indicates the level of fuel in the tank
Dashboard Diesel Fuel Symbol Diesel Fuel Level Indicates the level of diesel fuel in the tank
Dashboard Automatic Fuel Shut-off Symbol Automatic Fuel Shut-off Indicates that the fuel supply is automatically cut off
Dashboard Hourmeter / Elapsed Operating Hours Symbol Hourmeter / Elapsed Operating Hours Displays the total operating hours or elapsed time
Dashboard Engine Coolant Temperature Symbol Engine Temperature / Coolant Temperature Warns the operator when the engine coolant temperature exceeds safe operating limits, indicating potential overheating.
Dashboard Engine Intake / Combustion Air-Filter Symbol Engine Intake / Combustion Air Filter Indicates the condition of the engine air filter. Warns the operator when the air filter becomes clogged or restricted, reducing airflow to the engine and affecting performance.
Dashboard Engine Oil Pressure Symbol Engine Oil Pressure Indicates the oil pressure in the engine. Warns the operator when engine oil pressure drops below a safe level, indicating potential engine damage or oil system malfunction.
Dashboard Water Separator Symbol Water Separator Indicates the status of the water separator in the fuel system
Dashboard Engine Warning Symbol Engine Warning Indicates the presence of a fault code or error condition in the engine control system, prompting the operator to address the issue promptly.
Dashboard Engine Rotational Speed Symbol Engine Rotational Speed Displays the rotational speed of the engine
Dashboard Engine Rev Limiter Symbol Engine Rev Limiter Limits the maximum engine speed to prevent damage
Dashboard Engine Over Speed Symbol Engine Over Speed Alerts when the engine exceeds its maximum safe speed
Dashboard Engine RPM Memory A Symbol Engine RPM Memory A Stores and recalls a specific engine RPM setting
Dashboard Engine RPM Adjuster Symbol Engine RPM Adjuster Allows adjustment of the engine RPM
Dashboard Engine RPM Increase Symbol Engine RPM Increase Increases the engine RPM
Dashboard Engine Run Symbol Engine Run Indicates that the engine is running
Dashboard Engine Start Symbol Engine Start Initiates the engine starting process
Dashboard Engine Stop Symbol Engine Stop Stops the engine
Dashboard Diesel Preheat / Glow Plugs (Low Temperature Start Aid) Symbol Engine Heater (Low Temperature Start Aid) Illuminates when the engine block heater is in operation, helping to warm the engine for easier starting in cold conditions. Diesel Preheat / Glow Plugs
Dashboard Regeneration Symbol Regeneration Initiates the regeneration process for the diesel particulate filter
Dashboard Regeneration Inhibit Symbol Regeneration Inhibit Prevents regeneration from occurring
Dashboard Regeneration Switch Symbol Regeneration Switch Activates the regeneration process manually
Dashboard Parked Regeneration Symbol Parked Regeneration Initiates regeneration while the vehicle is stationary
Dashboard DEF / AdBlue-Level Symbol DEF / AdBlue-Level Indicates the level of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) or AdBlue
Dashboard DEF / AdBlue Low Level Symbol DEF / AdBlue Low Level Alerts when the DEF or AdBlue level is low
Dashboard DEF / AdBlue Poor Quality Symbol DEF / AdBlue Poor Quality Alerts when the quality of DEF or AdBlue is compromised
Dashboard DEF / AdBlue Trouble Symbol DEF / AdBlue Trouble Indicates a problem with the DEF or AdBlue system
Dashboard DEF / AdBlue Freeze Symbol DEF / AdBlue Freeze Alerts when DEF or AdBlue is at risk of freezing
Symbol Symbol Name Dash Symbol Description
Dashboard Auto Transmission Symbol Auto Transmission Engages automatic transmission mode
Dashboard Auto Transmission Sensitivity Symbol Auto Transmission Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the automatic transmission
Dashboard Auto Transmission Road Control Symbol Auto Transmission Road Control Optimizes transmission settings for road conditions
Dashboard Auto Transmission Field Control Symbol Auto Transmission Field Control Optimizes transmission settings for field conditions
Dashboard Draft Control Symbol Draft Control Indicates the activation of the draft control system
Dashboard Position Control Symbol Position Control Indicates the position control system is in use
Dashboard Transmission Oil Filter Symbol Transmission Oil Filter Indicates a restricted or clogged transmission oil filter, which can impede hydraulic function and transmission performance.
Dashboard Transmission Oil Temperature Symbol Transmission Oil Temperature Warns the operator when the transmission oil temperature exceeds safe operating levels, indicating potential overheating or insufficient cooling.
Dashboard Rear Axle Oil Temperature Symbol Rear Axle Oil Temperature Monitors the temperature of the rear axle oil
Dashboard Transmission Oil Pressure Symbol Transmission Oil Pressure Monitors the oil pressure in the transmission
Dashboard Gear Shifting Warning Symbol Gear Shifting Warning Indicates a problem with gear shifting
Dashboard Clutch Symbol Clutch Engages or disengages the tractor clutch
Dashboard Brake Symbol Brake Alerts the operator to low brake fluid levels in the tractor’s brake system, indicating potential brake failure or leakage.
Dashboard Parking Brake Symbol Parking Brake Engages the tractor parking brake. Illuminates when the handbrake or parking brake is engaged, reminding the operator to disengage it before driving.
Dashboard Air Brake Symbol Air Brake Indicates the status of the air brake system
Dashboard Parking Brake / Brake Oil Symbol Brake Failure / Malfunction Alerts about brake system failure or malfunction
Dashboard Trailer Brake Symbol Trailer Brake Indicates the status of the trailer brake system
Dashboard Brake Fluid Level Symbol Brake Fluid Level Monitors the level of brake fluid in the system
Dashboard Steering Wheel Tilt Symbol Steering Wheel Tilt Adjusts the tilt angle of the steering wheel
Dashboard Steering Wheel Telescope Symbol Steering Wheel Telescope Adjusts the telescoping position of the steering wheel
Dashboard Automatic Steering Control Symbol Automatic Steering Control Engages automatic steering control
Dashboard Steering Oil Filter Symbol Steering Oil Filter Indicates the status of the steering oil filter
Dashboard Front Suspension Symbol Front Suspension Indicates the status of the front suspension system
Dashboard Front Suspension Automatic Symbol Front Suspension Automatic Automatically adjusts the front suspension based on conditions
Dashboard Front Suspension Down Symbol Front Suspension Down Lowers the front suspension
Dashboard Front Suspension Up Symbol Front Suspension Up Raises the front suspension
Dashboard Front Suspension Lock Symbol Front Suspension Lock Locks the front suspension in position
Dashboard Differential Lock Symbol Differential Lock Indicates engagement of the tractor’s differential lock, enhancing traction in slippery or uneven terrain
Dashboard Differential Lock Automatic Symbol Differential Lock Automatic Automatically engages the differential lock based on conditions
Dashboard Travel Direction Symbol Travel Direction Indicates the current direction of tractor travel
Dashboard Travel Direction Forward Symbol Travel Direction Forward Indicates forward travel direction
Dashboard Travel Direction Rearward Symbol Travel Direction Rearward Indicates reverse travel direction
Dashboard FWD Engaged Symbol FWD Engaged Indicates that the four-wheel drive is engaged
Dashboard FWD Disengaged Symbol FWD Disengaged Indicates that the four-wheel drive is disengaged
Dashboard % Age Slip Symbol % Age Slip Displays the percentage of slippage in the transmission or drive system
Dashboard Four-wheel On Symbol Four-wheel On Engages the four-wheel drive system
Dashboard Four-wheel Automatic Symbol Four-wheel Automatic Automatically adjusts the four-wheel drive system based on conditions
Dashboard Headland Management System Symbol Headland Management System Manages tractor operations during headland turns

New Holland Dashboard Symbols

Symbol Symbol Name Dash Symbol Description
Dashboard Hydraulic and transmission filters Symbol Hydraulic and transmission filters Indicates the status of hydraulic and transmission filters
Dashboard Hydraulic Oil Filter Symbol Hydraulic Oil Filter Warns about issues related to the hydraulic oil filter
Dashboard Hitch Raise (Rear) Symbol Hitch Raise (Rear) Indicates the rear hitch is being raised
Dashboard Hitch Lower (Rear) Symbol Hitch Lower (Rear) Indicates the rear hitch is being lowered
Dashboard Hitch Height Limit (Rear) Symbol Hitch Height Limit (Rear) Warns when the rear hitch reaches its height limit (max)
Dashboard Hitch Height Limit (Front) Symbol Hitch Height Limit (Front) Warns when the front hitch reaches its height limit (max)
Dashboard Hitch Disabled Symbol Hitch Disabled Symbol Indicates that the hitch is disabled or malfunctioning
Dashboard Remote Cylinder Retract Symbol Remote Valve Retract Indicates the retraction of a remote valve
Dashboard Remote Cylinder Extend Symbol Remote Valve Extend Indicates the extension of a remote valve
Dashboard Remote Cylinder Float Symbol Remote Cylinder Float Indicates the float mode of a remote cylinder
Dashboard Remote Cylinder Lock B Symbol Remote Cylinder Lock Indicates the locking of a remote cylinder in position
Symbol Symbol Name Dash Symbol Description
Dashboard PTO Off (Disengaged) Symbol PTO Off (Disengaged) Deactivates the power take-off
Dashboard PTO On (Engaged) Symbol PTO On (Engaged) Activates the power take-off
Dashboard PTO 540 rpm Symbol PTO 540 rpm Indicates engagement of the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) system at 540 revolutions per minute
Dashboard PTO 540E rpm Symbol PTO 540E rpm Indicates the power take-off speed of 540E rpm
Dashboard PTO 1000 rpm Symbol PTO 1000 rpm Indicates engagement of the tractor’s power take-off (PTO) system at 1000 revolutions per minute
Dashboard PTO 1000E rpm Symbol PTO 1000E rpm Indicates the power take-off speed of 1000E rpm
Dashboard PTO Front Symbol PTO Front Indicates the front power take-off is active for front-mounted implements
Dashboard PTO F Front Symbol PTO F Front Indicates the front power take-off is active for front-mounted implements
Dashboard PTO Rear Symbol PTO Rear Indicates the rear power take-off is active for front-mounted implements
Dashboard PTO R Rear Symbol PTO R Rear Indicates the rear power take-off is active for front-mounted implements
Symbol Symbol Name Dash Symbol Description
Dashboard Battery Charging Condition Symbol Battery Charging Indicates a malfunction in the charging system, typically caused by a faulty alternator or battery, which may result in battery discharge.
Dashboard Accessory Socket Accessory Socket Indicates the status of an accessory socket
Dashboard Implement Socket Symbol Implement Socket Indicates the status of an implement socket
Dashboard Master Lighting Switch Symbol Master Lighting Switch Controls the master lighting system
Dashboard Headlight Low Beam Symbol Headlight Low Beam Activates low beam headlights
Dashboard Headlight High Beam Symbol Headlight High Beam Illuminates the headlights for visibility in low-light conditions or during nighttime operation
Dashboard Headlight Flashing Symbol Headlight Flashing Activates the headlight flash function
Dashboard Work Light Symbol Work Light Activates tractor work lights
Dashboard Position Lamps Symbol Position Lamps Controls position lamps
Dashboard Turn Signal Symbol Turn Signal Activates tractor turn signals
Dashboard Turn Signal Trailer Symbol Turn Signal Trailer Activates turn signals for trailers
Dashboard Hazard Warning Lights Symbol Hazard Warning Lights Activates the hazard lights to warn others of potential danger
Dashboard Audible Warning Device Symbol Audible Warning Device Indicates the status of the audible warning device
Dashboard Stop Lamps Symbol Stop Lamps Indicates the status of the stop lamps
Dashboard Beacon Light Symbol Beacon Light Controls beacon lights
Dashboard Windshield Wiper Symbol Windshield Wiper Activates windshield wipers
Dashboard Windshield Wiper Intermittent Symbol Windshield Wiper Intermittent Activates intermittent windshield wiper function
Dashboard Windshield Washer Symbol Windshield Washer Activates windshield washer
Dashboard Rear Window Defroster Symbol Rear Window Defroster Activates rear window defroster
Dashboard Air Conditioner Symbol Air Conditioner Activates air conditioner
Dashboard Heater Temperature Symbol Heater Temperature Monitors the temperature of the heater
Dashboard Heater Fan Symbol Heater Fan Indicates the status of the heater fan

If a warning light comes on and you are unsure of its meaning, it’s advisable to consult the tractor’s manual or seek professional assistance to avoid potential damage for New Holland tractor models:

  • 10S Series – 5610S, 6610S, 7610S, 7810S, 8010;
  • 15 Compact Series – New Holland 1215;
  • 30 Series – 3430, 3930, 4630, 5030, 7630, 7630, 8030;
  • 35 Series – 4635, 4835, 5635, 6635, 7635;
  • 60 Gemini Series – 8160, 8260, 8360, 8560;
  • 70 Genesis Series – 8670, 8770, 8870, 8970;
  • 70A Series – 8670A, 8770A, 8870A, 8970A;
  • 80 Series – 9280, 9480, 9680, 9880;
  • 84 Series – 9184, 9384, 9484, 9684, 9082 Series – 9282, 9482, 9682, 9882;
  • Boomer Series – 1530, 1630, 1725, 1925, Boomer 8N, Boomer 20, Boomer 24, Boomer 25, Boomer 30, Boomer 33, Boomer 35, Boomer 37, Boomer 40, Boomer 41, Boomer 45, Boomer 45D, Boomer 46D, Boomer 47, Boomer 50, Boomer 50D, Boomer 54D, Boomer 55, Boomer 3040, Boomer 3045, Boomer 3050, Boomer 4055, Boomer 4060;
  • Boomer TC Series – TC18, TC21, TC24D, TC25, TC29, TC33, TC35, TC40, TC45;
  • Boomer TC-A Series – TC21DA, TC23DA, TC24DA, TC26DA, TC29DA, TC31DA, TC33DA, TC34DA, TC35A, TC40A, TC45A, TC48DA, TC55DA;
  • Boomer TZ Series – TZ18DA, TZ22DA, TZ24DA, TZ25DA;
  • Genesis T8 Series – New Holland T8.420;
  • PowerStar Series – PowerStar 65, PowerStar 75, PowerStar 90, PowerStar 100, PowerStar 110, PowerStar 120;
  • PowerStar 40 Series – 5640, 6640, 7740, 7840, 8240, 8340;
  • PowerStar T4 Series – T4.55, T4.65, T4.75;
  • T1000 Series – T1010, T1030;
  • T1500 Series – T1510, T1520, T1530;
  • T2300 Series – T2310, T2320, T2330;
  • T2400 Series – T2410, T2420;
  • T3000 Series – T3010, T3020, T3030, T3040;
  • T4 Series – New Holland T4.100, T4.105, T4.110, T4.115, T4.120, T4.85, T4.90, T4.95;
  • T4 PowerStar Series – T4.100, T4.65, T4.75, T4.90;
  • T4000 Series – T4020, T4030, T4040, T4050;
  • T5 Series – T5.100, T5.105, T5.110, T5.115, T5.120, T5.130, T5.140, T5.90, T5.95;
  • T5000 Series – T5040, T5050, T5060, T5070;
  • T6 Series – New Holland T6.120, T6.140, T6.145, T6.150, T6.155, T6.160, T6.165, T6.175, T6.180;
  • T6000 Series – T6010, T6020 Delta, T6030 Plus, T6040 Elite, T6050 Delta, T6060 Elite, T6070 Plus, T6080 Elite;
  • T7 Series – New Holland T7.170, T7.175, T7.185, T7.190, T7.200, T7.210, T7.220, T7.230, T7.235, T7.245, T7.250, T7.260, T7.270, T7.290, T7.315;
  • T7000 Series – T7030, T7040, T7050, T7060, T7070;
  • T7500 Series – T7530, T7550;
  • T8 Series – New Holland T8.275, T8.300, T8.320, T8.330, T8.350, T8.360, T8.380, T8.390, T8.410, T8.435;
  • T8000 Series – T8010, T8020, T8030, T8040, T8050;
  • T9 Series – New Holland T9.390, T9.435, T9.450, T9.470, T9.480, T9.505, T9.520, T9.530 SmartTrax II, T9.560, T9.565 SmartTrax II, T9.580, T9.600 SmartTrax II, T9.615, T9.645 SmartTrax II, T9.655, T9.670, T9.700 SmartTrax II;
  • T9000 Series – T9020, T9030, T9040, T9050, T9060;
  • TB Series – TB100, TB110, TB120;
  • TD5000 Series – TD5010, TD5020, TD5030, TD5040, TD5050, TD5050HC;
  • TDD Series – TD75D, TD80D, TD85D, TD95D;
  • TG Series – TG210, TG230, TG255, TG285;
  • TG II Series – TG215, TG245, TG275, TG305;
  • TJ I Series – TJ275, TJ325, TJ375, TJ425, TJ450, TJ500;
  • TJ II Series – TJ280, TJ330, TJ380, TJ430, TJ480, TJ530;
  • TK Series – TK76, TK85;
  • TK-A Series – TK80, TK100;
  • TK4 Series – TK4.100, TK4.100M, TK4.80V, TK4.80F;
  • TK4000 Series – TK4020, TK4030, TK4040, TK4050, TK4060;
  • TL Series – TL70, TL80, TL90, TL100;
  • TL Exitus Series – TL55E, TL60E, TL65E, TL75E, TL85E, TL95E;
  • TL-A Series – TL70A, TL80A, TL90A, TL100A;
  • TL5000 Series – TL5040, TL5050, TL5060;
  • TM Series – TM115, TM120, TM125, TM130, TM135, TM140, TM150, TM155, TM165, TM175, TM190;
  • TN Series – TN55, TN65, TN70, TN75;
  • TN-A Series – TN60A, TN70A, TN75A, TN85A, TN95A;
  • TNF Series – TN90F, TN95F;
  • TS Series – TS90, TS100, TS110, TS115, TS115;
  • TS-A Series – TS100A, TS115A, TS125A, TS135A;
  • TS6 Series – TS6.110, TS6.120, TS6.125, TS6.140;
  • TS6000 Series – TS6020, TS6030;
  • TT Series – TT55, TT75;
  • TT-A Series – TT45A, TT50A, TT60A, TT75A;
  • TZ Series – TZ21D, TZ24D;
  • Twenty Compact Series – 1120, 1220, 1320, 1520, 1620, 1720, 1920, 2120;
  • Workmaster Series – New Holland Workmaster 33, Workmaster 35, Workmaster 37, Workmaster 40, Workmaster 45, Workmaster 50, Workmaster 55, Workmaster 60, Workmaster 65, Workmaster 75, Workmaster 95, Workmaster 105, Workmaster 120.

Colors of New Holland Tractor Warning Lights

New Holland tractor indicator and warning lights typically come in various colors, each indicating a different level of urgency or type of message.

Colors of New Holland Indicator and Warning Lights

Here are some common colors used for New Holland tractor indicator / warning lights along with their meanings:

  • Red warning lights indicate critical issues or malfunctions that require immediate attention to prevent damage to the tractor or ensure operator safety. Examples include low oil pressure, high engine temperature, or brake system failure.
  • Amber or orange warning lights signify less severe issues that still need to be addressed but may not require immediate action. These could include low fuel levels, hydraulic system problems, or minor malfunctions.
  • Green indicator lights typically indicate normal operation or system activation. For example, a green light may indicate that a particular system, such as the four-wheel drive, is engaged and functioning properly.
  • Blue indicator lights are often used to convey information about non-critical systems or features. For example, a blue light may indicate that the high beam headlights are activated.
  • Yellow warning lights are used to convey caution or provide informational messages that may not require immediate action. They could indicate things like low tire pressure or activated cruise control.

These colors serve as visual cues to help operators quickly assess the status of their New Holland tractor and take appropriate action as needed. It’s essential for operators to familiarize themselves with the meaning of each color to ensure safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

How to Reset New Holland Warning Lights?

To reset warning lights on a CNH vehicle, you typically follow a set procedure outlined in the operator’s manual. Here’s a general guide on how to reset warning lights on New Holland equipment:

  1. Identify the Issue: Before attempting to reset any warning lights, it’s important to identify the underlying issue triggering the warning. Consult the operator’s manual or use onboard diagnostics to determine the cause of the warning light.
  2. Address the Problem: Once you’ve identified the issue, take the necessary steps to address it. This may involve troubleshooting the problem yourself or seeking assistance from a qualified technician or dealership.
  3. Perform the Reset Procedure: After resolving the issue, you can attempt to reset the warning lights. The reset procedure can vary depending on the specific model and type of warning light. Refer to the operator’s manual for detailed instructions on how to reset each type of warning light.
  4. Follow Manufacturer Instructions: Follow the specific instructions provided by New Holland in the operator’s manual. This may involve a combination of actions such as turning the ignition on and off, pressing certain buttons or switches in a particular sequence, or using diagnostic tools.
  5. Verify Reset: After performing the reset procedure, verify that the warning light has been successfully reset. Check the instrument cluster or display panel to ensure that the warning light is no longer illuminated. If the warning light persists, double-check the troubleshooting steps and reset procedure.
  6. Monitor for Recurrence: Even after resetting the warning lights, it’s important to monitor the vehicle for any recurrence of the issue. Keep an eye on the instrument cluster or display panel for any new warning lights that may appear, indicating potential ongoing problems.

If you encounter difficulty in resetting the warning lights or if they continue to reappear after resetting, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a certified CNH technician or dealership. They can provide expert diagnosis and repair to ensure the vehicle operates safely and efficiently. Always refer to the specific instructions provided in the operator’s manual for your New Holland equipment to ensure proper and safe operation.

The updated instrument panel may include improved connectivity features, such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling seamless integration with other devices or systems for data sharing, remote monitoring, and fleet management. The instrument cluster may now provide expanded information display capabilities, presenting a wider range of data and metrics related to New Holland equipment performance, operation status, DTC error codes, maintenance schedules, and more.

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      New Holland tractors may have different instrument clusters and dashboard warning lights depending on the model and year of the tractor. It is essential to consult the CNH operator’s manual for the specific model to understand the complete list of warning lights and symbols and their meanings.

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