John Deere 4010 Attachments (Specs)

The John Deere 4010 is a compact utility tractor that offers impressive performance and versatility for various tasks around the yard or farm. With its powerful engine and durable construction, it can handle a range of implements and attachments, making it suitable for mowing, tilling, hauling, and more. The tractor’s compact size allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, while its ergonomic design ensures operator comfort during long hours of use. Overall, the John Deere 4010 is a reliable and efficient machine that delivers excellent results for both residential and commercial applications.

John Deere 4010 Attachment List with Specs

The John Deere 4010 is a robust and versatile tractor designed to tackle a variety of tasks with ease. Equipped with a range of attachments, it offers enhanced functionality to meet diverse agricultural and landscaping needs. Whether it’s mowing, tilling, hauling, or snow removal, the John Deere 4010 and its attachments deliver exceptional performance and efficiency. With specifications tailored to ensure optimal operation, these attachments enhance productivity and versatility, making the John Deere 4010 a reliable choice for demanding agricultural and landscaping applications.

John Deere 4010 Compact Utility Tractor

Attachments provide the John Deere 4010 with enhanced functionality for various agricultural and landscaping tasks: 54″ mid-mount mower deck / 60″ mid-mount mower deck; John Deere 410 Loader; 54″ Quick-Tatch Front-mount Blade; 47″ Snow Blower.

54″ Mid-mount Mower Deck

The 54″ mid-mount mower deck for the John Deere 4010 offers excellent cutting performance and maneuverability.

54" Mower Deck for John Deere 4010 Compact Utility Tractor

54″ Mower Deck Specs
Type Mid-mount John Deere
Blades 3
Cutting Width 54 inches (137 cm)
Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)
Overall Width 57.9 inches (147 cm)

With its sturdy construction and adjustable height settings, it ensures a clean and even cut across various terrain types, making it a reliable choice for maintaining lawns and landscaping areas.

60″ Mid-mount Mower Deck

The 60″ mid-mount mower deck enhances the mowing capabilities of the John Deere 4010, providing a wider cutting swath for increased productivity.

John Deere 4010 Tractor with 60" Mower Deck

60″ Mower Deck Specs
Type Mid-mount John Deere
Blades 3
Cutting Width 60 inches (152 cm)
Weight 325 lbs (147 kg)
Overall Width 73.5 inches (186 cm)

Its durable construction and efficient design ensure smooth operation and consistent cutting performance, making it well-suited for larger properties and commercial use.

John Deere 410 Loader

The JD 410 Loader is a robust and reliable attachment designed for heavy-duty lifting and loading tasks.

Front-End Loader for John Deere 4010 Compact Utility Tractor

John Deere 410 Loader Specs
Height (to pin) 74 inches (187 cm)
Clearance, dumped bucket 55.1 inches (139 cm)
Dump reach 24.8 inches (62 cm)
Dump angle 45°
Clearance, level bucket 67.8 inches (172 cm)
Reach at ground 44.6 inches (113 cm)
Breakout force (at pin) 2257 lbs (1023 kg)
Breakout force (at 500mm) 1500 lbs (680 kg)
Breakout force (bucket) 1661 lbs (753 kg)
Lift to full height (at pin) 882 lbs (400 kg)
Lift to full height (at 500mm) 618 lbs (280 kg)
Lift to 1.5m (at pin) 1072 lbs (486 kg)
Lift to 1.5m (at 500mm) 782 lbs (354 kg)

Its powerful hydraulic system and durable build make it suitable for handling diverse materials and environments, providing users with increased productivity and efficiency on the job.

54″ Front-mount Blade

The 54″ Quick-Tatch front-mount blade is a versatile attachment that adds versatility to the John Deere 4010, allowing it to tackle snow removal, landscaping, and leveling tasks with ease.

John Deere 54 inches Front-mount Blade

Its quick-tatch mounting system makes it easy to attach and detach, while its durable construction ensures reliable performance in various conditions, making it a valuable addition to any property maintenance toolkit.

47″ Snow Blower

Its wide clearing width allows for efficient snow removal, while its durable construction ensures longevity. The adjustable chute provides flexibility in directing snow away from driveways and walkways. However, some users may find assembly and installation slightly challenging, requiring careful setup for optimal performance.

47 inches Snow Blower for John Deere 4010

Model Mount Width Height Lift Type Stage Weight
47″ Snow Blower Front-mount 47.5 inches / 120 cm 50 inches / 127 cm Hydraulic Lift Single-stage 250 lbs / 113 kg

The John Deere 47″ Snow Blower is a solid choice for homeowners or professionals seeking efficient snow clearing solutions.

Overall, these attachments enhance the versatility of the John Deere 4010 Compact Utility Tractor, allowing it to tackle a variety of tasks around the property. However, each attachment has its own set of pros and cons, which should be considered based on the specific needs and requirements of the user.

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