World’s Smallest Backhoe JCB 1CXT Specs, Lift / Bucket Capacity & Attachments

The JCB 1CXT stands as a versatile backhoe loader, boasting exceptional material handling and excavating capabilities within a compact frame. Featuring superior maneuverability and an optional handheld tool auxiliary, the 1CXT compact track loader with backhoe is further enhanced with a universal quick hitch compatible with most skid steer attachments.

Backhoe JCB 1CXT Specs

Powered by a 49 hp engine requiring no aftertreatment, this machine is not only powerful but also easy to trailer and tow, often circumventing the need for a Commercial Driver’s License where regulations permit.

JCB 1CXT Backhoe Loader Specs

Initially introduced in 2012, JCB’s crawler excavator, the 1CXT, has made its mark globally, but its availability in North America gained momentum only in recent years. Featuring a 10-ft, 1-in. dig depth and propelled by a Perkins 49-hp diesel engine, the 1CXT combines efficiency with power, boasting a maximum rated loader capacity of 1,466 lbs.

JCB 1CXT Specs

Engine Specs
Engine model Perkins 404F-E22T
Aspiration Turbocharged
Displacement 2.2 L
No. of cylinders 4
Rated engine RPM 2,800 RPM
Power ratings (Rated ISO 14396) 49 hp (36.3 kW)
Max. torque @ 1,800 RPM 122 lb-ft (165 Nm)
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel filter Replaceable cartridge plus water/sediment separator prefilter
Emissions standard Tier 4 Final compliant
Air cleaner Dual element
Oil filter and lubrication Full flow, spin-on type filter. Engine oil service intervals: 500 hours
Cooling system Water, hot climate specification. Pressurised 1.0 bar, pusher fan. Pressurised tank with integral filler neck and overflow tank.
Manufacturer Danfoss / Rexroth
Type Hydrostatic
Travel speeds Forward: 0-4.6 mph (7.5 km/h), Reverse: 0-4.6 mph (7.5 km/h)
Operating Weights
Long Arms Fixed dipper 9,396 lb (4,262 kg)
Long Arms Extended dipper 9,572 lb (4,342 kg)
Service Capacities
Hydraulic system including tank 11.8 gal (45 L)
Fuel tank 11.8 gal (45 L)
Chain cases 2.6 gal (10 L)
Cooling system 2.1 gal (8 L)
Engine oil with filter 2.5 gal (9.6 L)
Hydraulic System
Open center systems (gear pump) @2,800 RPM services 11.8 gpm (45 l/min)
Open center systems (gear pump) @2,800 RPM HF 26.4 gpm (100 l/min)
System relief pressure (Manual) 3,002 psi (207 bar)
System relief pressure (EasyControls) 3,190 psi (220 bar)
Electrical & Instrumentation
Gauges Fuel Level, hour meter
Warning system Audible and visual system. Ignition, working lights, park brake, alternator, main beam, engine oil pressure, water temp.
Battery 72 A/h
Pre-wire Beacon
Horn Controlled from both front and rear
Alternator 50 A standard (85 A alternator on the A/C option)
Front working lights 2 adjustable
Rear working lights 2 adjustable
Noise & Vibration Levels
Internal 82 dB(A)
External 101 dB(A)
Vibration (Hand arm) Does not exceed 2.5 m/s2 for all duties with the exception of rough road tracking which averages 3.4 m/s2.
Vibration (Whole body) 0.29 m/s2

Unlike center-mount backhoes, which demand significant lateral space for operation, the 1CXT’s stabilizers deploy straight down, eliminating the need for excessive side clearance.

JCB 1CXT Loader Specs

With its blend of power, versatility, and innovative design, the 1CXT redefines expectations in the realm of backhoe loaders, offering a solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern construction and landscaping professionals.

JCB 1CXT Backhoe Attachments

Equipped with a skid steer and compact track loader quick-hitch on the front, operators can effortlessly engage various attachments.

Backhoe Attachments (Standard Profile Bucket)
Bucket Width Capacity SAE Rated Capacity SAE Struck Weight lb (kg) Teeth
9 in (230 mm) 1 ft3 (0.03 m3) 0.7 ft3 (0.02 m3) 112 (51) 2
12 in (305 mm) 1.4 ft3 (0.04 m3) 1.4 ft3 (0.04 m3) 114 (52) 3
18 in (460 mm) 2.1 ft3 (0.06 m3) 1.7 ft3 (0.05 m3) 119 (54) 3
24 in (610 mm) 2.8 ft3 (0.08 m3) 2.1 ft3 (0.06 m3) 125 (57) 4
Ditching Buckets
Bucket Width Capacity SAE Rated Capacity SAE Struck Weight lb (kg)
39 in (1,000 mm) 4.2 ft3 (0.12 m3) 3.5 ft3 (0.1 m3) 114 (52)

JCB 1CXT Loader Attachments

JCB 1CXT Loader Attachments

Loader Attachments (Direct Mount) GP shovel 6-in-1 shovel
Bucket Width Capacity SAE Rated Capacity SAE Rated
71 in (1,800 mm) 13 ft3 (0.37 m3) 12.7 ft3 (0.36 m3)
6-in-1 Shovel Loader Performance
Loader breakout – shovel 5,180 lbf (2,350 kgf)
Loader breakout – arms 5,291 lbf (2,400 kgf)
Tipping load 4,188 lb (1,900 kg)
Payload rating as a percentage of tipping load 35%
Rated operating capacity 1,466 lb (665 kg)

The seat-mounted joystick controls, capable of running both the loader and backhoe functions, coupled with the reverse driving feature, add to the operator’s convenience. Additionally, the side-shift chassis design allows the backhoe to shift independently without relocating the entire unit.

JCB 1CXT Attachments and Accessories

JCB 1CXT Attachments & Optional Accessories

The JCB 1CXT offers a variety of attachments to enhance its versatility and functionality. Some of the attachments available for the 1CXT include:

  1. Controls: EasyControls in joysticks SAE/ISO or Switchable SAE/ISO.
  2. Machine features: Fully glazed ROPS/FOPS cab, road lights, face level fan, external mirrors, fire extinguisher, air filter pre-cleaner. Machine and site protection: Flashing beacon, reverse alarm, large stabilizer feet, stabilizer street pads, front screen guard.
  3. Attachments: Front loader auxiliary circuit, front shovel float, auxiliary, excavator bucket quickhitch, hammer/bi-directional auxilliary circuit (JCB HM018T), earth drill, pallet forks and frame, dozer blades and others.

JCB 1CXT Attachments and Optional Accessories

These attachments are designed to cater to different needs and applications.

JCB 1CXT Dimensions (Backhoe + Loader)

The JCB 1CXT compact track backhoe loader static dimensions

JCB 1CXT backhoe loader static dimensions

A Cab roof height 7-4 ft-in (2.23 m)
B Overall width (over shovel) 5-11 ft-in (1.8 m)
E Total travel length 11-9 ft-in (3.57 m)
F Total travel length – shovel in carry position 11-5 ft-in (3.47 m)
G Rear frame width (over stab leg feet) 5-11 ft-in (1.8 m)
H Total travel clearance (fixed dipper) 7-3 ft-in (2.2 m)
Total travel clearance (extending dipper) 7-5 ft-in (2.27 m)
J Stabilizer feet clearance 0-10 ft-in (0.26 m)
K Kingpost clearance 1-1 ft-in (0.32 m)
Track set footprint 9 ft² (0.85 m²)

Ground Line Angles

JCB 1CXT Ground Line Angles

A Approach angle 60 degrees
C Departure angle 23 degrees
D Ground clearance 0-10 ft-in (0.26 m)

The JCB 1CXT backhoe dimensions / loader dimensions

JCB 1CXT Loader Dimensions

Backhoe Dimensions

Dimension Fixed Dipper Extended Dipper
A SAE max. dig depth 8-4 ft-in (2.55 m) 10-1 ft-in (3.08 m)
SAE max. dig depth 2ft flat bottom 8-2 ft-in (2.49 m) 9-11 ft-in (3.02 m)
B Reach – ground level to rear wheel center 13-11 ft-in (4.24 m)
C Reach – ground level to slew center 11-1 ft-in (3.38 m) 12-10 ft-in (3.91 m)
D Reach – at full height to slew center 5-10 ft-in (1.79 m) 7-3 ft-in (2.22 m)
E Side reach – to centerline of machine 12-7 ft-in (3.83 m) 14-3 ft-in (4.35 m)
F SAE operating height 11-3 ft-in (3.44 m) 12-8 ft-in (3.86 m)
G Max. loadover height 7-9 ft-in (2.35 m) 8-9 ft-in (2.67 m)
H Total kingpost travel 3-11 ft-in (1.19 m) 3-11 ft-in (1.19 m)
J Bucket rotation 202 degrees 180 degrees
Bucket tearout 4,852 lbf (2,201 kgf) 4,852 lbf (2,201 kgf)
Dipper tearout 3,280 lbf (1,488 kgf) 3,280 lbf (1,488 kgf)

Loader Dimensions (Long Arms)

M Dump height 7-3 ft-in (2.21 m)
N Load-over height 8-8 ft-in (2.65 m)
O Loader hinge pin height 9-5 ft-in (2.86 m)
P Reach at ground (toe plate horizontal) 4-8 ft-in (1.41 m)
Q Max. reach at full height 2-5 ft-in (0.74 m)
R Reach at full height fully dumped 1-4 ft-in (0.4 m)
S Dig depth (toe plate horizontal) clearance 0-2 ft-in (0.05 m)
T Roll back at ground 42 degrees
U SAE dump angle 43 degrees
SAE loader breakout – shovel 5,180 lbf (2,350 kgf)
SAE max. hydraulic lift capacity 2,204 lbf (1,000 kgf)
Shovel capacity 12 ft³ (0.36 m³)

Loader Attachments (Forklift Performance Data)

JCB 1CXT Forklift Performance Data

Quick-hitch mounted forks Long Arms
W Tine length 3-5 ft-in (1.05 m)
F Tine width 0-3 ft-in (0.08 m)
X Reach at ground level 5-3 ft-in (1.6 m)
Y Reach at full height 4-7 ft-in (1.4 m)
Z Lift height – max. 9-3 ft-in (2.82 m)
Fork spacing – min. 0-8 ft-in (0.2 m)
Fork spacing – max. 3-5 ft-in (1.03 m)
Tipping Load @ 500 mm load centers 2,334 lb (1,059 kg)
SWL @ 500 mm load centers 815 lb (370 kg)
Tipping Load @ 500 mm load centers 2,502 lb (1,135 kg)
SWL @ 500 mm load centers 875 lb (397 kg)
Payload rating as a percentage of tipping load 35%

The track system empowers the 1CXT with increased pushing power, superior flotation, and reduced ground damage, enabling it to conquer steep inclines of up to 31 percent gradients effortlessly.

FAQ for Track Backhoe Loader JCB 1CXT

How Much Can a JCB 1CXT Lift?

The JCB 1CXT has a loader capacity of 5,180 ib (2350 kg) and a back lift capacity of 2,204 lb (1,000 kg).

What is the Bucket Capacity of the JCB 1CXT?

Standard Profile Bucket (Backhoe Attachments)

Bucket Width Capacity SAE Rated Capacity SAE Struck
9 in (230 mm) 1 ft3 (0.03 m3) 0.7 ft3 (0.02 m3)
12 in (305 mm) 1.4 ft3 (0.04 m3) 1.4 ft3 (0.04 m3)
18 in (460 mm) 2.1 ft3 (0.06 m3) 1.7 ft3 (0.05 m3)
24 in (610 mm) 2.8 ft3 (0.08 m3) 2.1 ft3 (0.06 m3)

Ditching Buckets

Bucket Width Capacity SAE Rated Capacity SAE Struck
39 in (1,000 mm) 4.2 ft3 (0.12 m3) 3.5 ft3 (0.1 m3)

What is the Travel Speed of the JCB 1CXT?

The travel speed of the 1CXT is up to 4.6 miles per hour (7.5 km/h) in both forward and reverse directions. Due to its compact size & low weight, the JCB 1CXT is also easy to trailer and tow, often without a Commercial Driver’s License.

How Much is the JCB 1CXT?

The price of the JCB 1CXT can vary depending on factors such as location, dealer, optional features, and financing options. 2024 JCB 1CXT price ≈ $88.025. For accurate pricing information, it’s recommended to contact your local JCB dealer or visit the manufacturer’s official website.

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