John Deere Abbreviations & Terms for Utility Tractors (Ag / Turf)

To ensure you navigate your John Deere equipment with confidence and ease, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the terminology and abbreviations used in manuals and user guides. This comprehensive guide is your key to unlocking the wealth of information found in John Deere’s documentation. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, a dedicated groundskeeper, or a newcomer to tractor operation, understanding these terms and abbreviations is your gateway to efficient, safe, and productive tractor use.

John Deere Ag / Turf Utility Tractor Terms and Abbreviations

From common acronyms like RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) to specific terms like PTO (Power Take-Off) and HST (Hydrostatic Transmission), we’ve got you covered. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to troubleshoot, operate, and maintain your John Deere tractor like a seasoned pro.

John Deere Utility Tractor Terms & Abbreviations

So, let’s delve into the world of John Deere Tractor Terms & Abbreviations, where every acronym and phrase brings you one step closer to maximizing the potential of your equipment.

Whether you’re tilling fields, mowing lawns, or undertaking any other agricultural or turf-related task, this guide is your indispensable companion. Get ready to rev up your tractor knowledge!

Phrase Meaning
A/C Air Conditioning
APPL This Application Only
AR As Required
ASSY Complete Assembly
ATC Control Unit for ClimaTrak™
BCU Basic Control Unit
BIF Basic Informator
CNLA Complete No Longer Available (Order Individual Parts)
CTL Cut To Length
DSM Distributed Tractor Informator Switch Module
ECU Engine Control Unit
EPC PowrQuad™ PLUS Transmis- sion Control Unit
EPQT Electrically Operated PowrQuad™ Transmission
ETC Electronic Temperature Con- trol
FI Field Installation Kit
FIP Fuel Injection Pump
GSD GreenStar™ Display
Phrase Meaning
HCS Hydraulic Cab Suspension
HTC Heater Control Unit
ID Inside Diameter
INCL Includes
INCL KEYS Including Keys
IOOS Isolated Open Operator’s Sta- tion
JDL JDLink™ Control Unit
LGTH Length
LH Left Hand
Phrase Meaning
LOW Lower
MF Made From
MFWD Mechanical Front Wheel Drive
M-ICV Mechanical Operated Control Valve (Mid-Mounted)
M-SCV Mechanical Operated Selective Control Valve
NA Not Applicable
NLA No Longer Available
NSEP Not Supplied Separately
Phrase Meaning
OD Outside Diameter
OOS Open Operator’s Station
ORD Order
ORD W/ Order With
OS Oversize
PC0 Power Module (Roof)
PC5 Power Module (Transmission)
PC6 Power Module (HF, CAB)
PEC Control Unit for PowrQuad™ / E-ICV
PKG Package of
PLC Parking Lock Control Unit
PRF Performance Monitor
PTO Power Take-Off
RCU Reverser Control Unit
REMAN Remanufactured
RH Right Hand
Phrase Meaning
SCV Selective Control Valve
SFA Control Unit for Front Axle Suspension and/Or Cab Sus- pension
SIC E-SCV/E-ICV Control Unit
SSU Control Unit for Steering Sys- tem (AutoTrac™)
STD Standard
SUB Replaced by
SUB FOR Substitute for
TCU Transmission Control Unit (Au- toPowr™/IVT™)
TEC Tractor Equipment Control Unit
TK Thickness
TSC Control Unit for MFWD Axle With TLS™ and Cab Suspen- sion
UIC User Interface Control Unit
UIM User Interface Module
UP Upper
VTI John Deere Isobus Display
W/ With
W/O Without
Z Gear and Sprocket Teeth Number

John Deere Trademarks for Utility Tractors

John Deere has been a household name in agriculture, turf care, and utility work for generations, setting the standard for excellence in machinery and equipment. From the iconic leaping deer symbol to the trademarked names like John Deere “GreenStar” and “AutoTrac,” each emblem carries with it a legacy of innovation and a promise of top-tier craftsmanship.

As you navigate the fields, tend to your turf, or tackle utility tasks, you’ll encounter these trademarks as beacons of quality and reliability. They signify not only the rich history of John Deere but also the brand’s forward-thinking approach to meeting the evolving needs of farmers, landscapers, and utility workers worldwide.

Here’s a table of John Deere trademarks along with their descriptions:

John Deere Trademarks Description
7-Iron™ A type of durable material used in John Deere mower decks.
Aercore™ Aeration equipment for golf courses and turf management.
Auto 4×4 Wheel Drive™ Automatic four-wheel drive system for John Deere utility vehicles.
AutoConnect™ Automatic attachment connection system for utility tractors.
AutoTrac™ GPS-based automated steering system for utility vehicles.
Au-toPowr™/IVT™ Automatic transmission systems for John Deere Ag / Turf & Utility Tractors.
Buck™ Utility vehicle for outdoor work and recreation.
ClimaTrak™ Climate control technology for John Deere Ag / Turf & Utility Tractors.
E-Gator™ An electric-powered John Deere utility tractors.
eHydro™ Hydrostatic transmission system for John Deere tractors.
EZtrak™ Line of zero-turn mowers for residential use.
Funk™ Manufacturer of transmissions and drivetrain components.
Gator™ John Deere’s utility vehicle line.
Greens Tender™ Equipment for maintaining golf course greens.
GreenStar™ Precision farming and guidance system.
iMatch™ Quick hitch system for utility tractor attaching implements.
iTorque™ Technology related to engine power and torque.
JDLink™ Telematics system for John Deere monitoring equipment.
Mulch On Demand™ Mower deck feature for on-the-fly mulching control.
Phoenix™ Branding for a certain series of combines.
PowerTech™ Engine technology used in John Deere equipment.
PowrQuad™ Transmission system for tractors.
Precision Cut Reel™ Cutting reel technology for golf course equipment.
PrecisionCut™ Lawnmower and golf course equipment series.
ProGator™ Heavy-duty utility vehicle for groundskeeping.
Quik-Trak™ Stand-on commercial mowers for landscape professionals.
Ready To Mow™ Indicates that a mower is prepared for operation.
RGator™ Rugged utility vehicle designed for tough conditions.
Roll-Gard™ Rollover protective structure (ROPS) for utility tractors.
SelectSpray™ Sprayer technology for precision agriculture.
TerrainCut™ Specialized mowers for challenging terrains.
TLS™ Triple-Link Suspension system for utility tractors.
TMII™ Model of a specific John Deere tractor series.
TMIII™ Model of a specific John Deere tractor series.
Trail Gator™ John Deere recreational utility vehicle for trails and outdoors.
Turf Gator™ John Deere utility vehicle designed for turf and golf courses.
X700™ Series of premium John Deere lawn tractors.
ZTrak™ Series of John Deere zero-turn commercial mowers.

Whether you’re a seasoned agriculturalist, a dedicated turf manager, or a utility professional, these trademarks are the emblems of assurance, telling you that you’re in the capable hands of a brand that’s been trusted for generations. Please note that these trademarks are owned by John Deere and may be subject to legal protections.

John Deere Product Identification Number Plate

Just like a fingerprint, each plate is unique to the machine it’s attached to, revealing essential details about its make, model, production date, and more. This information isn’t just a string of numbers and letters; it’s a key that unlocks the story of your John Deere equipment.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer, a dedicated landscaper, or a utility professional, understanding the secrets behind these serial number plates is crucial. They hold the key to ordering the right parts, ensuring proper maintenance, and even verifying the authenticity of your John Deere equipment.

John Deere Product Identification Number Plate

Think of the Product Identification Number Plates as the DNA of your John Deere equipment. They not only authenticate its origin but also facilitate essential tasks such as ordering parts, seeking maintenance advice, or tracing its history.

Example of a John Deere Product Identification Number Plate: 1LV4066RLPN415746

Characters Description
1LV Factory Designation (Augusta, GA)
4066 Model Or Machine Designation 4066 Compact Utility Tractor
R Configuration Code
LP Random Number / Code
N Calender Year Code
415746 Serial Number

This number, etched into the sturdy metal plate, unlocks a treasure trove of information about your John Deere tractor. It reveals when and where it was born, the model it belongs to, and much more.

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