New Holland / Ford GT-75 Specs & Attachments

The Ford GT-75 Garden Tractor, produced from 1992 to 1997, was a reliable and versatile machine that catered to the needs of homeowners and landscapers alike. The GT-75 was equipped with a robust 16HP Shibaura diesel engine, providing ample power for various gardening and landscaping tasks. With compatibility for a range of attachments such as mid-mount mower decks, snow blowers, blades, and tillers, the GT-75 offered versatility to tackle different projects with ease.

Ford GT-75 Specs

Its compact size and maneuverability made it well-suited for residential properties or areas with limited space, allowing users to navigate tight corners and narrow pathways. Built with quality materials and components, the GT-75 boasted a sturdy construction that could withstand the rigors of regular use and challenging terrain. Ford’s reputation for reliability extended to the GT-75, providing users with a dependable machine that could consistently deliver performance over its years of service.

New Holland / Ford GT-75 Specs

– Model 16HP Shibaura E673 diesel 3-cylinder
– Type liquid-cooled horizontal-shaft inline
– Displacement 675 cc / 41.2 ci
– Bore/Stroke 2.64×2.52 inches / 67 x 64 mm
– Power (gross) 16 hp / 11.9 kW
– Air cleaner dry
– Pre-heating glow plugs, block heater Opt
– Compression 24:1
– Rated RPM 3200
– Idle RPM 1400-3200
– Firing order 1-2-3
– Starter volts 12
– Oil capacity 3.2 qts / 3.0 L
– Coolant capacity 3.5 qts / 3.3 L
– Fuel tank 4.2 gal / 15.9 L
– Type shaft-driven hydrostatic
– Gears infinite forward and reverse (2-range)
– Oil capacity 9.1 qts / 8.6 L (10.1 qts* / 9.6 L)
– Drive Two-wheel drive
– Steering manual
– Steering (optional) power Opt
– Brakes Disc
– Operator station Open
Tractor Hitch
– Rear Type 0 Opt
Power Take-off (PTO)
– Rear PTO optional
– Mid PTO independent
– Front PTO independent
– Clutch (both) manual idler pulley
– Ground negative
– Charging system alternator
– Battery CCA 332
– Battery volts 12

Ford GT-75 Weight & Dimensions

Ford GT-75 Tractor Dimensions
– Wheelbase 49.8 inches
– Length 74.5 inches
– Width 39 inches
– Height (steering wheel) 45 inches
– Ground clearance 6.2 inches
Ford GT-75 Tires
– Lawn/turf front 16×6.50-8
– Lawn/turf rear 23×10.50-12
Ford GT-75 Weight 1050 lbs (476 kg)

Ford GT-75 Tractor Attachments

The Ford GT-75 tractor offers a versatile range of attachments to enhance its functionality and adaptability for various tasks. Whether you’re looking to maintain your lawn, clear snow, or engage in ground-engaging activities, the GT-75 has you covered. For lawn maintenance, the tractor supports three different sizes of mid-mount mower decks: a 44-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch deck.

Ford GT-75 Tractor Attachments

These mower decks provide efficient cutting performance, allowing you to keep your lawn neatly trimmed with ease. In regions with heavy snowfall, the GT-75 can be equipped with a snowblower attachment. This attachment helps you quickly and effectively clear snow from driveways, pathways, and other areas, ensuring safe passage during winter weather.

Mid-Mount Mower Decks

Ford GT-75 Tractor Mid-Mount Mower Decks

Specs 44″ Mower deck 48″ Mower deck 60″ Mower deck
Mower deck Ford 09GN-3661 Ford 09GN-3662 Ford / New Holland 9607334, 9607335, 9802798
Cutting width 44 in 48 in 60 in
Total width 56.3 in (143 cm) 60.3 in (153 cm) 72.4 in (183 cm)
Blade 3-blade 3-blade 3-blade
Lift Hydraulic lift Hydraulic lift Hydraulic lift
Cut height range 1 – 4.25 in (2 – 10 cm) 1 – 4.5 in (2 – 11 cm) 1.37 – 4.37 in (3 – 11 cm)
Weight 178 lbs (80 kg) 190 lbs (86 kg) 311 lbs (141 kg)

42″ Snow Blower

Ford 09BV4200 Snow blower 42 inches

Specs Ford 09BV4200 Snow blower (42″)
Manufacturer Ford / Ferguson / New Holland
Cutting width 42 inches (106 cm)
Type Single & Dual Stage Snow Thrower
Mounting Front-mount

46″ Dozer Blade

Specs Ford 09JC9797 Dozer Blade (46″)
Manufacturer Ford / New Holland
Cutting width 46 inches (116 cm)
Type Dozer Blade
Mounting Front-mount

40″ Tiller Ford 9607497

Ford 9607497 40 inches Tiller

Specs Ford 40″ Tiller
Working Width 40 inches
Inside Housing Width 39 inches
Input RPM 2,000
Required P.T.O. HP Range 8 – 15
Type Hitch 3-point Cat. 0
Rotor Shaft Speed 288 RPM
Gearbox Ratios Input – 4.1 : 1 / Lateral – 1.69 : 1
Deck Material 5/64” steel
Tilling Depth 0′-7
No. of Blades 24
Implement Weight 244 lbs
Shipping Weight 271 lbs
Chain Housing Oil AGMA 8EP Ind gear oil or SAE 140 GL 5 gear oil (when the first oil is unavailable)
Gearbox Oil SAE 90 or 80W – 90 wt. oil
Grease Ford MIC137A or equivalent lithium base grease

Additionally, the tractor offers a blade attachment, which can be used for various tasks such as grading, leveling, and clearing debris. The blade attachment provides versatility for landscaping and light-duty earthmoving projects. Moreover, garden tractors like the GT-75 are compatible with a range of ground-engaging attachments such as tillers, plows, and cultivators. These attachments enable you to prepare soil for planting, cultivate gardens, and perform other agricultural tasks with precision and efficiency. With its array of attachments, the Ford GT-75 tractor offers exceptional versatility and utility, making it a valuable tool for homeowners and landscapers alike.

The change in branding from Ford (when New Holland acquired the Ford Tractor Division in 1991) to New Holland was part of a broader strategic decision by New Holland to unify its product lineup and establish a cohesive brand identity across its range of agricultural machinery and garden equipment. This rebranding effort aimed to leverage the reputation and heritage of the New Holland brand while maintaining continuity with existing product lines.

Therefore, around the time of the acquisition in 90s, the Ford GT-75 garden tractor began to be marketed and sold as the New Holland GT-75. This change in branding did not alter the fundamental characteristics or features of the tractor but was primarily a reflection of the new corporate ownership and branding strategy implemented by New Holland.

New Holland GT-75 Specs

Compared to newer models, the GT-75 may have lacked some modern features and conveniences, such as power steering or advanced control systems, which could be found in contemporary garden tractors. The standard manual steering system may have required more effort, especially when navigating uneven terrain or operating with heavy attachments. Towards the end of its production run, the GT-75 may have started to show signs of aging technology, with advancements in engine efficiency, ergonomics, and safety features becoming more prevalent in newer models.

Overall, the Ford GT-75 Garden Tractor offered reliable performance and versatility for homeowners and landscapers seeking a capable machine for maintaining their gardens and properties. While it may have lacked some modern features found in newer models, its durability and dependable performance made it a popular choice during its production years.

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