Komatsu Dozer Size Chart: Small, Medium, Large, & Mining Bulldozers Specs

Explore the Komatsu Dozer Size Chart for a comprehensive overview of Komatsu bulldozers, ranging from small models to heavy-duty machines designed for surface mining operations. This chart provides detailed information on various Komatsu dozer models across different size categories, including small, medium, large, and surface mining dozers. Discover the features, specifications, and capabilities of each dozer to find the ideal match for your specific needs and applications.

Komatsu Bulldozers Sizes

The nomenclature used for Komatsu bulldozers encompasses a range of sizes tailored to various applications and industries. From compact and small dozers ideal for light-duty tasks and confined spaces, to medium and large dozers suitable for more demanding applications, Komatsu offers a comprehensive lineup.

  • Small Dozers – Operating Weight under 32.000 lb and NET Power under 140 hp.
  • Medium Dozers – Operating Weight 32.000-57.000 lb & NET Power 140-240 hp.
  • Large Dozers – Operating Weight 57.000-121.000 lb and NET Power 240-355 hp.
  • Surface Mining Dozers – Operating Weight up 160.000 lb and NET Power up 600 hp.

Additionally, for heavy-duty surface mining operations, Komatsu provides specialized dozers designed to tackle the toughest terrains and maximize productivity. This diverse range of sizes ensures that customers can find the right bulldozer to meet their specific needs, whether it’s for construction, forestry, mining, or other industries.

Komatsu Dozer Size Chart

Discover the comprehensive Komatsu Dozer Size Chart & Specs, presenting essential information on various models, including power output, operating weight, and blade capacity. This comprehensive guide offers insights into the diverse range of Komatsu bulldozers, from compact and small models to medium, large, and specialized surface mining dozers.

Komatsu Dozer Size Chart and Specs
Whether you’re seeking details for light-duty tasks or heavy-duty operations, this Komatsu bulldozer size chart provides valuable specifications to help you find the ideal equipment for your specific needs.

Komatsu Small Dozers Specs & Sizes

Komatsu small dozers are primarily used for light to medium-duty earthmoving tasks in construction, landscaping, agriculture, and utility work. Their compact size and maneuverability make them ideal for working in tight spaces and on smaller job sites.

Key features of Komatsu small dozers include lower horsepower engines for efficient operation, lighter operating weights for improved fuel economy and reduced ground pressure, and smaller blade capacities suitable for grading, leveling, and pushing light materials. Overall, these dozers offer versatility, maneuverability, and efficiency for a wide range of small-scale earthmoving tasks.

Komatsu Small Dozers

Dozer Model Power NET Operating Weight Blade Capacity
D37EX-24 89 HP @ 2,200 rpm 19,842 lbs. 2.50 yd³
D37PX-24 89 HP @ 2,200 rpm 20,503 lbs. 2.79 yd³
D39EXi-24 105 HP @ 2,200 rpm 22,068 lbs. 2.89 yd³
D39PXi-24 105 HP @ 2,200 rpm 22,774 lbs. 2.89 yd³
D39EX-24 105 HP @ 2,200 rpm 21,891 lbs. 2.89 yd³
D39PX-24 105 HP @ 2,200 rpm 22,817 lbs. 3.14 yd³
D51EXi-24 131 HP @ 2,200 rpm 30,380 lbs. 3.50 yd³
D51PXi-24 131 HP @ 2,200 rpm 31,438 lbs. 4.40 yd³
D51EX-24 131 HP @ 2,200 rpm 30,821 lbs. 3.5 yd³
D51PX-24 131 HP @ 2,200 rpm 31,438 lbs. 4.4 yd³

Komatsu Medium Dozers Specs & Sizes

Komatsu medium dozers are versatile machines commonly used in a variety of applications, including construction, road building, land grading, and forestry. Their key features include mid-range horsepower engines for efficient performance, moderate operating weights for maneuverability and transportability, and blades with moderate capacities suitable for a wide range of earthmoving tasks.

These dozers offer a balance between power, size, and versatility, making them suitable for various job sites and applications.

Komatsu Medium Dozers

Dozer Model Power NET Operating Weight Blade Capacity
D61EXi-24 168 HP @ 2,200 rpm 41,094 lbs. 4.41 yd³
D61PXi-24 168 HP @ 2,200 rpm 43,167 lbs. 4.98 yd³
D61EX-24 168 HP @ 2,200 rpm 40,830 lbs. 4.41 yd³
D61PX-24 168 HP @ 2,200 rpm 42,902 lbs. 4.98 yd³
D65PXi-18 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 48,620 lbs. 4.8 yd³
D65EXi-18 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 45,780 lbs. 7.3 yd³
D65EX-18 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 45,628 – 48,796 lbs. 7.3 yd³
D65PX-18 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 48,444 – 51,960 lbs. 4.8 yd³
D65WX-18 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 48,760 – 51,529 lbs. 7.7 yd³
D65EX-18 WH 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 50,259 lbs. 14.8 yd³
D65PX-18 WH 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 53,136 – 56,337 lbs. 12.9 – 15.1 yd³
D65WX-18 WH 217 HP @ 1,950 rpm 53,350 lbs. 17.2 yd³
D71EXi-24 237 HP @ 2,200 rpm 50,045 lbs. 5.8 yd³
D71PXi-24 237 HP @ 2,200 rpm 51,147 lbs. 6.1 yd³
D71EX-24 237 HP @ 2,200 rpm 49,825 lbs. 5.8 yd³
D71PX-24 237 HP @ 2,200 rpm 50,927 – 52,690 lbs. 6.1 – 6.6 yd³

Komatsu Large Dozers Specs & Sizes

Komatsu large dozers are primarily used for heavy-duty earthmoving and land-clearing tasks in construction, mining, and forestry operations. Their key features include powerful engines, robust undercarriages for stability and traction, spacious operator cabins with advanced controls for comfort and efficiency, and large blades with high capacities for moving substantial amounts of material quickly and efficiently.

These machines are designed to tackle the toughest terrains and handle large-scale projects with ease.

Komatsu Large Dozers

Dozer Model Power NET Operating Weight Blade Capacity
D85EXi-18 264 HP @ 1,900 rpm 68,350 lbs. 9.2 yd³
D85PXi-18 264 HP @ 1,900 rpm 65,460 lbs. 7.7 yd³
D85EX-18 264 HP @ 1,900 rpm 67,615 lbs. 9.2 yd³
D85PX-18 264 HP @ 1,900 rpm 64,600 lbs. 7.7 yd³
D85EX-18 WH 264 HP @ 1,900 rpm 70,718 lbs. 18.4 yd³
D85PX-18 WH 264 HP @ 1,900 rpm 69,860 lbs. 18.4 yd³
D155AXi-8 354 HP @ 1,900 rpm 90,610 lbs. 12.3 yd³
D155AX-8 354 HP @ 1,900 rpm 89,300 lbs. 12.3 – 15.6 yd³
D155AX-8 WH 354 HP @ 1,900 rpm 94,421 lbs. 26.8 – 33.2 yd³
D155PX-8 LGP 354 HP @ 1,900 rpm 92,820 lbs. 9.6 – 15.7 yd³
D155CX-8 K170 354 HP @ 1,900 rpm 120,970 lbs. 170,000 lbs.

Surface Mining Dozers Specs & Sizes

Komatsu surface mining dozers are specialized machines designed for heavy-duty earthmoving and material handling tasks in large-scale mining operations. They are used for pushing, ripping, and transporting large volumes of overburden, ore, and other materials in open-pit mines.

Key features of Komatsu surface mining dozers include high horsepower engines for maximum power and productivity, rugged undercarriages and structures to withstand the harsh conditions of mining environments, and large blade capacities for efficient material movement. These dozers are equipped with advanced technology and automation systems to optimize performance, enhance safety, and increase operational efficiency in surface mining applications.

Komatsu Surface Mining Dozers

Dozer Model Power NET Operating Weight Blade Capacity
D375A-8 609 HP @ 1,800 rpm 163,340 lbs. 24.2 – 28.8 yd³
D475A-8 890 HP @ 2,000 rpm 254,195 lbs. 35.6 – 44.5 yd³

How to Choose a Komatsu Dozer?

Choosing a Komatsu dozer involves considering several factors:

  1. Application: Determine the primary use of the dozer, whether it’s for general construction, mining, forestry, or agriculture.
  2. Size and Power: Select a dozer size and power rating based on the scale of the project and the type of material to be moved. Komatsu offers dozers ranging from compact to large sizes, with varying horsepower ratings.
  3. Blade Type: Choose the appropriate blade type based on the specific requirements of the job. Consider factors such as blade capacity, blade width, and blade configuration.
  4. Terrain and Conditions: Assess the terrain and underfoot conditions of the worksite. Select a dozer with features such as track options, undercarriage design, and ground clearance suited to the terrain.
  5. Technology: Consider the availability of advanced technology features like GPS-based grading systems, automated controls, and telematics for improved efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.
  6. Fuel Efficiency: Evaluate the fuel efficiency of different models to minimize operating costs and reduce environmental impact.
  7. Operator Comfort and Safety: Prioritize models that offer ergonomic operator cabins, intuitive controls, and advanced safety features to enhance operator comfort and productivity while ensuring job site safety (ROPS / FOPS).
  8. Maintenance and Support: Consider the availability of maintenance and support services, including dealer network coverage, spare parts availability, and aftermarket support, to ensure minimal downtime and efficient servicing of the equipment.

By considering these factors, you can choose the right Komatsu dozer that best meets your project requirements and delivers optimal performance and productivity.

Largest Komatsu Dozer in the World

Currently, the Komatsu D475A-8 is the largest dozer in the world! This powerful machine is designed for demanding applications in the mining industry, with a high (890 HP) horsepower rating and a massive (254,195 lbs) operating weight. It offers exceptional blade capacity (35.6 – 44.5 yd3) and is engineered to tackle the most challenging earthmoving tasks with efficiency and reliability.

Komatsu D475A-8 Dozer Specs

Komatsu D475A-8 Dozer Specs

Model Komatsu SAA12V140E-7
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, air-to-air charge air cooler, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders 12
Bore x stroke 5.51 x 6.50 in
Piston displacement 1,860 in³
Horsepower SAE J1995 (Gross) Forward 934 HP, Reverse: 1,040 HP
Horsepower ISO 9249/SAE J1349 (Net) Forward 890 HP, Reverse 968 HP
Rated rpm 2,000 rpm
Fan drive type Hydraulic
Lubrication system Gear pump, force lubrication
Filter Full-flow
1st Gear (Forward / Reverse) 2.1 mph / 2.7 mph
2nd Gear (Forward / Reverse) 3.9 mph / 5.2 mph
3rd L Gear (Forward / Reverse) 4.6 mph / 5.6 mph
3rd Gear (Forward / Reverse) 7.2 mph / 8.9 mph
Steering system
Minimum turning radius 15 ft. 1 in
Track roller frame Cylindrical, high-tensile-strength steel construction
Rollers and idlers Lubricated track rollers
Number of shoes (each side) 41
Grouser height Single grouser 4.1 in
Shoe width (standard) 28 in
Ground contact area* 9,957 in²
Ground pressure (tractor)** 16.71 psi
Number of track rollers 8
Number of carrier rollers 2
Fuel, coolant and lubricant capacity (refill)
Fuel tank 507.2 US gal
Coolant 70 US gal
Engine 31.7 US gal
Torque converter, transmission, bevel gear, and steering system 55.5 US gal
Final drive (each side) 19.8 US gal
Operating weight
Including rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, and 710 mm (28 in) shoe, less front and rear attachments. 194,450 lbs.
Includes dual tilt U dozer, giant variable ripper, cab, ROPS (ISO 3471), operator, standard equipment, rated lubricant volumes, coolant, full fuel  tank and 810 mm (32 in) track shoes. 254,195 lbs.
Ground pressure (ISO 16754) 19.35 psi
Hydraulic system
Relief valve setting 3,983 psi
Hydraulic oil capacity (refill)
Semi-U dozer or U dozer 50.2 US gal
Giant ripper 34.3 US gal
Multi-shank ripper 34.3 US gal

Komatsu D475A-8 Pros:

  1. Exceptional power and performance for tackling large-scale earthmoving and mining tasks.
  2. Durable construction and robust design ensure longevity and reliability in harsh working environments.

Komatsu D475A-8 Cons:

  1. High operating weight may limit accessibility in certain terrain conditions.
  2. Maintenance and operating costs may be higher compared to smaller dozer models.

The Komatsu D475A-8 dozer is a powerful and robust machine designed for heavy-duty earthmoving and mining applications. With its impressive horsepower engine and substantial operating weight, it offers exceptional performance and productivity on the job site.

In conclusion, the Komatsu dozer size chart & specs offer a detailed overview of the range of dozer models available, catering to various applications and requirements in construction, mining, and other industries. When choosing a bulldozer model, consider factors such as the required horsepower, operating weight, blade capacity, and specific features like advanced technology integration for enhanced productivity and efficiency. Additionally, assess the terrain, project scope, and environmental conditions to select the most suitable Komatsu dozer for optimal performance and productivity.

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