Massey Ferguson VF1230 / VF1630 / VF2430 Specs & Planter Capacity

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Massey Ferguson VF (VF1230 / VF1630 / VF2430) Planters integrate seamlessly with Precision Planting components such as vSet2 meters, vDrive, and DeltaForce. This integration enhances accuracy and longevity while enabling easy add-ons like SpeedTube, providing farmers with versatile planting solutions.

Massey Ferguson VF Planter Specs

The 20|20® monitor offers advanced agronomic insights, empowering farmers to make informed decisions in real time. DeltaForce technology ensures consistent planting depth by monitoring weight distribution on row unit gauge wheels, while vSet2 with vDrive delivers precise singulation for optimal crop establishment.

Massey Ferguson VF1230 / VF1630 / VF2430 Specs

Massey Ferguson MFVF Specs

Specs VF1230 VF1630 VF2430
Frame type Narrow transport, front fold
Rows/spacing available 12 row 30” 16 row 30” 24 row 30”
Metering units Vacuum electric
Hitch on planter 2 pt or drawbar
Frame flex 21˚ up/ 21˚ down
Frame size in. (mm) 7 x 7 (178 x 178)
Width (transport) 12 ft (3.65 m)
Planting capabilities Conventional till, no-till
Drive Infinitely variable electric drive
Lift system Wheel module w/ hydraulic cylinder
Cylinder lift number 6 8 10
MFVF Planter Tires
Transport tire size 10-15 F1 load range D VF295/75R22.5 VF295/75R22.5
Number of transport tires 4 4 4
Total tires per planter 6 8 10
MFVF Planter Capacity
Blower drive – Standard Direct drive from tractor remote valve
Blower drive – Optional PTO-driven hydraulic pump
Seed hopper capacities 1.9 (67) or 90 (3172) CFS
Fertilizer capability Liquid (ground driven)
Remote control valve requirements 4 with CFS and DeltaForce, 3 without DeltaForce, 3 with PTO pump & DeltaForce 5 with CFS & DeltaForce, 4 with hoppers & DeltaForce, 3 without CFS & DeltaForce, 4 with PTO pump, CFS, DeltaForce 5 with CFS & DeltaForce, 4 with hoppers & DeltaForce, 3 without CFS & DeltaForce, 4 with PTO pump, CFS, DeltaForce
Monitor (Optional) 10.1” (257 mm) color touch screen monitor, harnesses and radar
Sensors High Rate / Wave Vision – Speed Tubes

Massey Ferguson MFVF Capacity

Massey Ferguson VF Series Planter Pros & Cons

With SpeedTube, Massey Ferguson VF Planters offer high-speed planting capabilities without compromising yield potential, ensuring efficient and effective planting across varied field conditions.

Massey Ferguson VF Planters

Massey Ferguson MFVF Pros

  1. Accurate Planting: The VF Series Planters from Massey Ferguson offer precise planting capabilities, ensuring accurate seed placement for optimal crop growth.
  2. High Versatility: These planters are highly versatile, capable of handling various planting conditions including conventional till, no-till, and ridge-till operations.
  3. Customization Options: Customization options for the MFVF Planters, allowing farmers to tailor the equipment to their specific needs.
  4. Integration with Precision Planting: The row units of VF Series Planters can be factory-equipped with Precision Planting components such as vSet2 meters, vDrive, and DeltaForce, enhancing precision and efficiency.
  5. High-Definition Monitoring: Equipped with a 10.1” color touch-screen monitor, VF Series Planters provide high-definition data for real-time monitoring of field conditions and performance.

Massey Ferguson MFVF Cons

  1. Cost: The advanced features and precision capabilities of VF Series Planters may come with a higher upfront cost compared to basic planting equipment.
  2. Complexity: The integration of precision planting technologies and customization options may add complexity to operation and maintenance, requiring additional training and expertise.
  3. Dependency on Technology: While precision planting technologies offer benefits, they also introduce a dependency on technology, which may lead to downtime in case of technical issues or malfunctions.
  4. Initial Setup: Setting up and calibrating the precision planting systems and monitors may require additional time and effort during the initial setup phase.
  5. Compatibility Issues: Compatibility with certain tractor models or aftermarket components may be limited, requiring careful consideration during equipment selection and integration.

Overall, Massey Ferguson MFVF Planters combine cutting-edge technology with proven reliability, setting the standard for precision planting in modern agriculture.

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